Thursday, 13 June 2013

How to check out someone's history

If you have met someone named Wes Devries/ De Vries or anyone that you are not sure of and would like to find out more about them here is a small how-to.

In BC you can go to and do an e-search.  (In other areas just google how to find court records in your area)  Type in the persons name - look under both civil and traffic/criminal.  You will find their history of court proceedings and it is almost as good as finding out their criminal record.  On the far left you can click to view most of the traffic/criminal court records but for some records you will need to pay to find out more information on the charges, etc..  You can contact your local police agency if you are really concerned.  When I reported mine they asked me for a description of him and his birthdate to confirm it was the right person.  After confirming they told me that they are aware of him and what he has been doing but that I should pursue him in small claims court.  In Vancouver there is an exorbitant amount of fraud and this criminal knows that and how to work the system so following through with small claims is almost pointless, there is very little chance of ever seeing my money again.  Lesson learned, the hard way once again.  Also try googling the person with any other references you have on them, like where they grew up or other relatives names.  Also, if you know where they work google it, see if it exists, see if they actually work there.  If someone talks about how they cheat by cutting corners or doing under the table work you need to dig deeper and realize that they might be shady in other ways too.

I am hoping that putting this info out there helps even one person not get scammed... I ignored warning signs and Wes is very charming and gives the impression that he used to be a bad guy but he is turning his life around - this is not true.  In my opinion he is a sociopath and is very good at mimicking feelings and trying to fit into whatever you need/want him to be.  He doesn't care about the hardships he causes his victims.   It's sadistic and cruel and he thinks because he has my money that he has won something.. but he really hasn't.  Guess he underestimated how much I would fight for justice and even if it means me never seeing a penny of my money I will keep warning people and keep spreading the word about him and his scams.  I am a good person and the only thing I did wrong was to be too trusting and too focused on seeing the good in him.  I saw what I wanted to see because I thought he was fun and nice and he made me feel special.  But I won't make that mistake again.... And I hope that if you are reading this because you met Wes and are involved with him or thinking about getting involved with him that you do your own research and really find out who he is before you give him any money or any tiny piece of your heart.  He doesn't deserve either of them.  I hope you don't have to go through what I have been going through.  I hope that you read this warning and you realize that all those little signs that your gut was telling you were right and you get as far away from him as you can.

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