Sunday, 25 February 2018

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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Sentence finished

Wes Devries is out of prison after having his parole revoked twice for not complying with the conditions of his release.  He is now finished his sentence of 3 years for fraud and theft offenses.  He no longer has any supervision or conditions to follow. My guess is that he will stay in the lower mainland. He seems to always revert back to his comfort zone of scamming people in one way or another.  The scam that was highlighted in the media was his dating scam but the public should be aware that he has numerous other scams.  He has scammed women, men and businesses.  He has pretended to be a handyman or contractor and it ends up to be a scam.  He has a way of talking that has even tricked bank managers into giving him access to money that he never should have and the banks have ended up being scammed as well.  But his most common scam is to either steal items (watches, jewelry, valuables) from women he dates or people he meets while out in the community.  Also, he is an avid biker and is very knowledgable about bikes and this had led to him being able to steal high end bikes.

Please be aware that he is unlikely to change his ways and I would highly recommend having no interactions with him.  If you end up being scammed by him it is extremely important that you report him to the police.  So many people let the embarrassment of being scammed outweigh the importance of reporting him.  Although it took a toll on me I have actually heard from people who have avoided possibly being scammed by him because of the group of women, including myself, that came forward and led to him being charged and convicted.  Yes its embarrassing.  Yes it sucks to feel foolish.  But not coming forward only benefits Wes and he counts on that.  I do not expect it to be very long before he is conning people out of their hard earned money.

If you have encountered Wes and need suppport or help please do not hesitate to contact me at and I will do all I can to help you and I will always keep your information private.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

back in the lower mainland

Wes Devries is back living in the lower mainland as of May 2016. He is on parole but that has never deterred him in the past. please be warned that he has a history of fraud and it would be nothing short of a miracle for him to change his ways.  if you are reading this because you have come across Wes and he has negatively impacted your life, feel free to contact me at

Monday, 28 September 2015

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Wes Devries out of jail

2 years have gone by so fast... Wes Devries has finished serving 2/3's of his 3 year sentence and is out on parole.  Just wanted to post a reminder of the type of person he admits to being:

I would like to believe that a person is capable of changing, but history has proven over and over again that Wes has reverted back to a life of conning and scamming each time he has been given a chance. That being said, I hope that he makes the most out the latest chance he has been given to turn his life around.  I hope he decides to use his intelligence and talents in a legal way to better his own life and the life of his loved ones.  

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

In the paper again...

I thought that I would at least have until July to pretend that Wes Devries didn't exist anymore but here he is popping up in the news again.  I am not sure whether the lawsuit will result in changes made to the system but I can't imagine Wes suing the government if it didn't involve financial gain for himself.  And maybe he should just use some of the money he scammed from people to buy himself some therapy sessions if he is interested in trying to become a better person.  By his own admission to one of his victims he was proud that he has scammed over 1.3 million over the years.  By my calculations he scammed over $40,000 just from April to August of 2013.  And that is calculated just using the numbers from the people who were brave enough to come forward and press charges against him.

I wish there was a rehabilitation program for socioopaths but unfortunately there is no way to 'fix' that type of individual.  And I don't think that means that we should ever give up on anyone but Wes has never seemed truly interested in becoming a better person according to anyone I have talked to that has known him.  He is about the game.  He has had plenty of opportunities to become a productive member of society and has never chosen to do so.  One would hope that with children in the world that would be the ideal time to turn your life around and set a positive example for them but even that didn't make him change anything about his lieng, scamming ways.  He said he didn't bother to apply for parole because he wasn't able to get into a program and thus show that he was interested in reforming himself. I believe that his motive for waiving his parole application was that he didn't want to be so closely monitored when he was out of prison.  If he serves his full term until July 2015 he will be under less strict restrictions.  Also, I think that he is hoping that people will forget about him by then and he can run whatever his new scam will be.  It is way more interesting to him to try out new scams than to live a simple life of finding a regular job and living a regular life.

 In my opinion the problem with our justice system is not that people like Wes don't get access to programs in prison in time for their release, but rather that people like Wes are not spending enough time in prison for their crimes.  Even for this last conviction, he had 14 charges against him and if his sentence wasn't made concurrent it would have added up to a 37 year sentence and he would have spent about 12 in prison.  That would be plenty of time for him to receive proper programs and therapy.

I hope that the courts don't see any merit in this particular case because I am sure it is just another scam by Hurricane Wes.  I do think that there needs to be fair access to rehabilitation programs in prison but more important reform should be done on sentencing first.

Feel free to email me at if you have questions or comments about Wes.