Saturday, 29 June 2013


“We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. But you are not your mistakes, you are not your struggles, and you are here NOW with the power to shape your day and your future.” 
 Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

I've been thinking about how people may perceive me...  They might see me and only see the mistake I made.  I guess this is a fear that most victims have.  I know that I made a mistake.  I know that in this instance I was a bad judge of character.  I have judged people for falling victim to scams before.  How could they not have seen what was so obviously a con?  And then this happened....

Now I know what it feels like to be on that side of the equation.  How did I not see Wes for the con man he is? It definitely made me question my own instincts....  I have spent a lot of time thinking about how this could have happened to me.  I haven't come up with any answers yet other than that Wes is ridiculously good at pretending he is genuine.  

I am hoping that people will judge me more on how I have dealt with the aftermath of this whole experience.  I have taken what was an embarrassing and expensive mistake and turned it into an opportunity to warn others and hopefully they won't make the same mistake I did.  I have met many amazing people in the process and so far I have only encountered love and support.  As awful as my experience with was with Wes it has definitely shown me what a strong person I am and how many amazing people I have in my life.  

If you or someone you know has been scammed by Wes De Vries I would like to hear from you.  Please email me at  It is so important that you know you are not alone in this and I would like to help support you as you rebuild your trust in yourself.   

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

How do we get justice?

The more people I come across who have had Wes in their lives, even if it was just for a short period of time like mine, the more I want to make sure that he is brought to justice.  This started out because he scammed $2700 from me in April 2013 but in talking with other victims of his I have realized that I am actually one of the luckier ones.  Others may have lost more money, but the victims most affected by him are the ones who were emotionally involved with him.  I imagine that the feelings I have must be multiplied; shattered trust in myself and in others, a sense of betrayal, not telling people for fear of judgement and criticism.  I feel like I should have recognized what was going on and I blame myself for being too trusting and naive.  I never think of myself as gullible or someone easily fooled so it really did surprise me that I got scammed.  But I am not going to be too hard on myself and others who were scammed by him shouldn't either.

He has spent the last 25 years of his life perfecting his scam.  He knows exactly what to say to make you feel comfortable.  He is superficially charming and yet slightly domineering.  He is just average enough that you put your guard down.  He is an expert liar and doesn't seem to feel any remorse or guilt for the destruction he has caused his victims.  He seems to have an innate ability to find the weakness in people and uses these weaknesses for his own benefit through deceit, intimidation, manipulation and takes pleasure in doing so.  As one victim told me, 'he is the Ted Bundy of financial fraud'.  I am not even sure what justice looks like in this case... Wes De Vries in jail doesn't seem like enough.  Even if he was to somehow fix all the financial ruin he has caused the emotional scars left behind are deep and will be very hard for some to overcome.  I guess that is why I have become so passionate about putting his name out there and exposing him for the con man he is.  I feel the pain of these other victims and I realize how close I was to having been drawn in further and am thankful I have strong and supportive people in my life to help me though this.  I really would like to see his spree of destruction stopped and give his victims some peace.  My money is gone and there is no reason for me to be putting in so much time and energy putting his name out there except to warn potential victims.  I hope this blog is working and I hope it's making it harder for him to scam other people.  I will end today's post with a quote; to have an innate They seem to have an innate ability to find the weakness in people, and are        The aggravating factors in this matter are that Mr. Devries is a predator and a chronic recidivist. He has engaged in repeated, ongoing, premeditated criminality which commenced almost immediately after his release from custody for similar offences - the honourable Judge J.C. Challenger


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

25 victims and counting....

 This hasn't been easy for me.  I am a fairly strong person but admitting that I was scammed and publishing the huge mistake I made for all to see has been taxing on me.  I am oddly okay with the money being gone - I've never been someone who lived my life based on money or material things.  But the part of this that has really stuck with me and bothers me is the psychological games he plays with his victims.  I have knowledge of at least 25 victims over the past 10 year period.  I have spoken with many past victims of Wes' since starting this blog and the theme is always the same.  After he steals your money he tries to convince you that he wants to change and that he has guilt and remorse for what he has done and will pay you back.  What I have noticed is that the people he picks to prey upon all have amazingly giving hearts and for awhile believe his story.  Smart women who then realize they have been robbed not only of their money but of their trusting natures.  It is hard when you have been taken advantage of to trust yourself again.

I have been thinking lately about how his children will feel when they see this blog someday.  I feel bad for them.  For those of you that know me, you know that children are a main focus in my life and I would hate to do anything that might cause them pain.  All I can hope is that by me writing this blog and informing people about Wes that it causes him to seek some help and stop his 20+ year run of victimizing people.  He hasn't learned any lessons in jail because the moment he is out he starts scamming people again.  I am not sure there is any therapy or consequence that will cause him to change his ways but I hope for his childrens' sakes that eventually he does.

He seems to have a lot of friends around town.  I am not sure if these people are aware of his scams or not.  But if they are, and they think that it just doesn't effect them and that he is otherwise a good guy, one day he will get desperate enough to screw them over too.   The pattern has been that the closer he is to a person the more he has scammed them.  You might be thinking that myself and the other people scammed by him deserve it in a way for being so stupid.  I guess that's true to a point - he is a master manipulator and most of his victims have very public careers and they are too embarrassed to reveal that they were taken by him.  Unfortunately he relies on that and has flown under the radar for a very long time.  When he does go to jail for his crimes he shows his true colors by returning to scamming people so quickly after release.  He is 43 years old and has had the same behaviour pattern for 25 years now.  Some people are capable of change but he hasn't proven that at all yet.  Here is an excerpt from a judges statement about that - you can see the full report at ;

[36]      Mr. Devries' criminal history commences in 1989 which, by my calculation, would be the beginning of his career as an adult criminal. It is unbroken since 1989. There are only two years where no convictions are registered, one of which he was in jail. By my count, there are 40 fraud, forgery and false pretence related convictions. There are 18 further property related offences, including thefts, possession of stolen property, including possession and theft of credit cards and obtaining credit by fraud. In addition, there are nine assaults, threatenings or harassment convictions. There is an obstruct a peace officer, in addition to the one he has pleaded guilty to; possession of a prohibited weapon; escaping lawful custody; several breaches of probation; two breaches of parole; and failures to appear.

[37]      He has also had the benefit of a conditional sentence order imposed in August of 2001. That conditional sentence was terminated in January of 2002. He spent 590 days in custody.

[38]      Of significance is that on April 16th of 1999 he received 27 months custody in relation to 14 counts of fraud and one breach of probation. There was a 15-month sentence imposed concurrently at that time, but he was also placed on probation for two years. So as of April 16th, 1999, then, for four years following, until April of 2003, he would have either been in jail serving a sentence for 14 counts of fraud and/or on probation. On August 8th, 2001, as I have indicated, he received a two-year conditional sentence order, again with respect to fraud over $5,000. That conditional sentence order was breached and he went back into custody. On June 11th of 2002, he was again convicted of four counts of fraud and received 10 months on each charge concurrent. He was released, as I understood the evidence, February 6th, 2003 and he was recommitting offences within a week. The first date he is alleged to have made contact with some of these victims is at Whistler in early February.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Where Wes De Vries trolls....

I know there is some confusion about this blog - all mentions of his name including making it his blog are to ensure that it comes up when he is googled.  I have been writing about my experience with him and including a lot of information I have acquired along the way.  If you or someone you know has been scammed by him as well please contact me at

In the 6 weeks since I have been scammed I have talked to numerous other women scammed by Wes De Vries.  Places where they met him include online, pof, craigslist, coffee shops, restaurants, clubs, through friends.... basically anywhere you can meet someone.  He has ties to Vancouver, Kerrisdale, Yaletown, Coquitlam, New West, Nanaimo, Victoria, North Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Kamloops, the Okanagan, Toronto, Montreal....

Please warn all the women in your life about him. The next victim could be your friend, your sister, maybe even your mother... I have knowledge of at least 25 victims from the last 10 years and he has been in jail for a lot of that time so he works fast when he is out on the loose.

Thought I would include an excerpt from a judge's statement in 2004 as to why she was sentencing Wes De Vries to 5 1/2 years.  You can see the whole document at this link if you would like;

[16]      Count 5 involves S.P. When they were on their second date he started his ruse, wanting a cheque deposited. She refused. He attended at her bank, behind her back, and made the deposit. He returned to the bank and deposited a second cheque without her knowledge. She suffered a $3,574 loss.
[17]      With respect to Count 6, this involves A.F. Again, two cheques ended up being deposited to her account on the ruse that he had no access to his bank over the weekend. Again, as I understood the facts, this was a dating kind of relationship. She suffered a loss of $6,373.
[18]      As to Count 7, these are the theft of cheques of C.S. They went out for dinner and Count 8 involves the fact that when they were on their way, they were stopped by the police and Mr. Devries gave a false name to the police because he believed, according to a later statement, there would be warrants out for his arrest. During the course of his contact with Ms. S., he stole cheques from her residence.
[19]      Counts 9 and 10 involve Ms. S.G. These two knew each other from high school. They agreed to meet for coffee. They dated for a couple of weeks. He deposited a cheque to her account, again saying that he had lost his bank card. Then a second cheque was deposited. He refused to give Ms. G. her card back. She then determined her American Express card had been stolen. She suffered $8,500 in loss relating to her debit card and $1,500 on her AmEx, for a total loss of $11,839.63.
[20]      Count 11 involves cheques taken from a G.G. Mr. Devries, in his statement, said that he had found those in the garbage.
[21]      Count 12 involves L.E. Again, he met Ms. E. over the Internet. They met up in person. He gave her the line that he had been audited with respect to child support and needed to use her bank account. He defrauded her of $3,940.
[22]      Count 13 involves Mr. Devries stealing L.N.'s cheques.
[23]      Count 14 involves a C.P. Again, they met over the Internet. After dating him, she discovered her bank card missing and determined two cheques had been deposited to her account. She was defrauded of $3,875.
[24]      Count 15 involves R.C. They met at a coffee bar. Eventually he talked her into depositing a $2,700 cheque. Apparently he told her it was guaranteed good. She then went to visit him at his hotel. She had worked a night shift and took a nap. During the course of this, he took her debit card. He said it was to refund some purchases they had made after he had deposited the cheque. In any event, he warned her not to contact the police, that it would only make things worse, and that he had a lot of connections. He defrauded Ms. C. of $5,242.72.
[25]      Count 16 and 17 involve S.B. He met Ms. B. just after his release from custody at Whistler. They had a long-distance relationship. They met up again at Whistler, at which time he stole her credit card. He spent about $6,000 on her card before it was frozen. He then convinced her that he would pay her back. She continued to see him until she found out he had stolen yet a second credit card from her. Her total loss was $8,100.
[26]      Count 18 involves another romantic relationship with a L.L. He described that he was having a dispute with his wife. He then stole Ms. L.'s debit card and deposited three cheques to her account, causing her a $7,000 loss.
[27]      Count 19 involves the cheques of L.T., which he stole and later used to make false deposits. In fact, Mr. Devries actually paid Ms. T. back $500, which was originally her loss.
[28]      In Count 20, he used Ms. T.'s card to attempt to negotiate a fraudulent Lotto cheque. There was no loss. He was not successful.
[29]      Count 21 involves D.B. Again, they met over the Internet. They had a date. He gave her the story that he could not use his account because he was being audited for child support. He talked her into depositing cheques. They went shopping and he took cash. He also stole her cheques. She suffered a $1,000 loss.
[30]      Count 23, involves B.H. They met and had a date. He told her he forgot his wallet in a bar. She gave him her card and PIN number. He supposedly used it at the 7-Eleven and once for a business licence. Instead, she found out he had bought a flat screen television and other items. She suffered a $9,500 loss. What is interesting is that, in fact, some of Ms. H.'s money went to seduce, if I can use that term, the complainant on Count 16 in this matter.
[31]      There are 23 victims total in Mr. Devries' most recent spree. Fourteen of these victims have suffered a total loss of $85,316.35. The Crown is seeking restitution for each of them under s. 738 of the Code.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Wes De Vries - I'm gonna call him 'Hurricane Wes'

Hurricane Wes - Comes into your life in a flash and leaves just as quick (if you're lucky).  Leaves behind a trail of devastation...  Your world has been turned upside down and you can't figure out where to start to rebuild.  But you do rebuild... And make yourself stronger and less vulnerable to the next storm...  Batten down the hatches ladies because Wes De Vries is out there right now, trying to knock down your defenses and if you let him in, even a tiny bit, he will spin you around in his hurricane of lies and leave you a huge mess to clean up afterwards.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

How to check out someone's history

If you have met someone named Wes Devries/ De Vries or anyone that you are not sure of and would like to find out more about them here is a small how-to.

In BC you can go to and do an e-search.  (In other areas just google how to find court records in your area)  Type in the persons name - look under both civil and traffic/criminal.  You will find their history of court proceedings and it is almost as good as finding out their criminal record.  On the far left you can click to view most of the traffic/criminal court records but for some records you will need to pay to find out more information on the charges, etc..  You can contact your local police agency if you are really concerned.  When I reported mine they asked me for a description of him and his birthdate to confirm it was the right person.  After confirming they told me that they are aware of him and what he has been doing but that I should pursue him in small claims court.  In Vancouver there is an exorbitant amount of fraud and this criminal knows that and how to work the system so following through with small claims is almost pointless, there is very little chance of ever seeing my money again.  Lesson learned, the hard way once again.  Also try googling the person with any other references you have on them, like where they grew up or other relatives names.  Also, if you know where they work google it, see if it exists, see if they actually work there.  If someone talks about how they cheat by cutting corners or doing under the table work you need to dig deeper and realize that they might be shady in other ways too.

I am hoping that putting this info out there helps even one person not get scammed... I ignored warning signs and Wes is very charming and gives the impression that he used to be a bad guy but he is turning his life around - this is not true.  In my opinion he is a sociopath and is very good at mimicking feelings and trying to fit into whatever you need/want him to be.  He doesn't care about the hardships he causes his victims.   It's sadistic and cruel and he thinks because he has my money that he has won something.. but he really hasn't.  Guess he underestimated how much I would fight for justice and even if it means me never seeing a penny of my money I will keep warning people and keep spreading the word about him and his scams.  I am a good person and the only thing I did wrong was to be too trusting and too focused on seeing the good in him.  I saw what I wanted to see because I thought he was fun and nice and he made me feel special.  But I won't make that mistake again.... And I hope that if you are reading this because you met Wes and are involved with him or thinking about getting involved with him that you do your own research and really find out who he is before you give him any money or any tiny piece of your heart.  He doesn't deserve either of them.  I hope you don't have to go through what I have been going through.  I hope that you read this warning and you realize that all those little signs that your gut was telling you were right and you get as far away from him as you can.